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Dam: Kalibra Lengy
Sire: Tonka
Kailbra whelped a beautiful litter on 6/1/22  She has 3 males and 1 female
 This litter has been placed


Collar Color: BLACK
Gender: Male - Sable

Kalibra black collar male 6/1/22
Kalibra black collar male 6_1_22
Collar Color: BLUE
Gender: Male - Bi-color
Kalibra blue male 6/1/22
Kalibra blue male 6_1_22
Collar Color: GREEN
Gender: Male - Bi-color

Kalibra green male 6/1/22
Kalibra green male 6_1_22


Collar Color: PINK
Gender: Female - Black

Kalibra pink female 6/1/22
Kalibra pink female 6_1_22
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