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Path to success!

There are few things in life more exciting than bringing home a new puppy. We take great pride in providing people with outstanding dogs! However, success with a working dog hinges on several elements that are beyond genetics and the breeding. Properly prepared puppy parents are the key to success. It is our job to equip you with all the knowledge we have amassed over the years so that you and your puppy can flourish.  



Obedience training is a REQUIREMENT to obtain a puppy from Cook Farms. We can not stress this enough! Working dogs need obedience. Your investment into traning will completely change your puppies life. Obedient, well socialized dogs are happier, and better adjusted. The parentage, pedigree, bloodline, and overall potential of the dog does not matter if you do not follow through with traning. All dogs have the capability to pick up bad habits and could benefit from the guidance of a professional. Sadly we have seen the most amazing dogs ruined by neglectful owners. You should have a training plan in place before pick up. You and your pup will be so happy for it in the long run.

Bella gs red male 10_30_2022


At Cook Farm Kennels we believe in breed conversation. All of our breeding adults have certified hips and elbows. These working lines are precious to us and we do our absolute best to produce happy HEALTHLY pups. It is important to understand that hip and elbow dysplasia are not only genetic conditions. It is imperative that you maintain your puppy on a proper puppy food. Also, you need to guard the puppies joints while they are under 1 year old. Jumping, over exertion and falls cause hip issues.


Working dogs needs

The first and one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is why do I want a working breed dog?

Does you life style work for a high energy dog?

Which breed is right for you ?

Have you ever worked with a Malinois?

As these dogs have become more popular on social media, the demand for them has risen. HOWEVER, many people don't realize how much time effort and money goes into getting a dog that can do all the cool stuff you see in videos. 

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